Adopting a Maine Coon Cat?! The Best Way To Care For Your Maine Coon And How to Keep Your Maine Coon Kitten Happy

Apart from choosing where to buy a Maine Coon cat and discovering the best Maine Coon Kittens for Sale, you should likewise have a mindset to take superior care of your new kitten. This article will guide you in caring for your new Maine Coon. So let's drill into the depths of it.


Maine Coon Cat Diet


Let's start with the basics and the most commonly asked question is, of course, what is the Maine Coon Cat size, and what will my Maine Coon Cat weigh. We like to remind our prospective families that weight and size don't always go hand in hand. However, they are connected. For example, while Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito's weight may be similar, they certainly do not have the same build. So to answer that question as accurately as possible and according to online sources, in general, the average weight of a Maine Coon is approximately 13 – 18 pounds for males at adult age and 8 – 12 pounds for females. That said, here at EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery, we have to ensure that all of our clients are ready to meet a giant Maine Coon Cat. Considering following our Maine Coon diet advice, our clients can expect their EuroCoons Maine Coon kitten to reach 18 pounds at least at just one-year-old. Moreover, that is not much different for our female Maine Coon kittens, usually weighing at least 15 pounds by their first birthday. 


So what should you feed your Maine Coon kitten to reach their optimal size potential? Again, there are many different opinions on this topic. These opinions range from old-school beliefs such as a dry kibble diet is best. Whether it's a cheap over-the-counter brand or the most expensive one, they call it "holistic," I believe. And it couldn't be further from the truth! Then we have commercial wet "prescription" diets such as your Royal Canin, Science Diet, Purina, and many others that claim to heal or prevent your cat from kidney disease, allergies, and IBS. You name it - those are your large commercial brands that are more focused on their bottom line than on the health of your precious fur baby.

The truth is, the ideal food for your cat is, in fact, pretty simple, a species-appropriate diet, which means a complete and balanced raw diet. Yes, I said it - RAW, not cooked, not slightly sauteed, just as nature intended them to eat a mouse or a bird, only appropriately processed and ready to serve. But, of course, nothing is wrong with an occasional mouse (frozen lab-raised only) or a whole prey diet, except it is pretty costly.  


You should also include the following things to keep these cats fit, strong, and healthy for many years.

  • High-quality fats and fatty acid
  • Extra Protein
  • High-Quality Vitamins and Supplements, including but not limited to gut and heart support.
  • Carbohydrates in the form of plant seeds
  • Plenty of fresh water

Protein is a need for Maine Coon cate to have healthy growth, strong muscle, and ligaments, the carbohydrates supply energy, while vitamins and fat keep them healthy and beautiful shiny coats. Don't miss to provide your Maine Coon kitten with enough water as they love to drink water, and it's essential to stay hydrated, but do not forget that with Raw Diet, Maine Coon cats drink less, so no stress. Certain fountains keep them engaged drinkers and provide lots of fun without water splashing over your floors. 


Find out what we feed our Maine Coon Cats and Kittens on our Health and Diet Page!


Maine Coon Coat Care - Brush Regularly!


The Maine Coon breed loves good massaging brushes. You can use a soft massaging brush like Wet Brush for pets and gently stroke your kitty toward the hair growth. Make sure your cat is relaxed and comfortable when you brush them. If they don't like it, play with them with any toy and try it later. And don't forget to pay special attention to that famous Maine Coon fluffy tail. Those require a special comb and extremely gentle treatment to preserve that stunning look.


Brushing can help your cat in several ways, such as removing dead hair and keeping the coat shiny and free of matted hair. Apart from that, regular brushing keeps skin problems away and your Maine Coon's stomach hairball free. 


Bathing Your Maine Coon


The Maine Coon cats love water, but you must accustom them to bathing when you bring them home. Maine Coons prefer the water temperature to be around body temperature, pretty warm, not too chilly or hot. So check the water temperature on the inside of your wrist first. Maine Coon cats should be bathed twice a month. And don't forget to brush them out before bathing. That will help remove and loosen the hairs that were to shed otherwise and not clog your shower or sink.


Maine Coon Play - Involve Them With Activities


Maine Coon kittens have a high energy level; you need to help them exert that energy in a non-destructive way. Although they have a stout physique, they still love to play and run. So, you should provide them with plenty of free space and toys.


Depending on the size of your home, you can furnish it or pick a designated corner with scratchers, climbers, and other interactive toys. Make the place attractive for them so that they can enjoy themselves there. However, they also anticipate human company, so don't leave them alone too long, which may make them depressed. If you have to work a typical 8-5 job, please consider adding a furry friend if you do not already own another cat or a dog that enjoys the company of a cat.


Are Maine Coon Cats Good House Cats


The Maine coon cats generally have a laid-back personality. So, you can raise them indoors. At EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery, we are strictly against allowing our cats and kittens outdoors to roam free or without proper gear and human supervision. You may choose to take your Maine Coon kitten on the walks on the leash and harness, but keep in mind that a Maine Coon that is acquainted with nature is much more likely to escape outside when you least expect it. We suggest raising and keeping your Maine Coon cat indoors, as they are a coveted breed, so there is a risk of being stolen, or worse, there is a significant risk to their lives and health. Catios are a modern and fantastic option to let your cat experience the outdoors without risking their well-being. 


Maine Coon cats are more substantial than other domestic breeds. So, keep enough room in your home to allow them to roam freely. But, apart from their size, they are strong too. So, keep them away from the breakables in your home and cat trees away from your windows. 


The Maine Coon breed is human-friendly, and they love human companionship. They love children and even become best friends with resident canines and other pets in the house. But, most often, they are known to be the party's spotlight when guests arrive if you get them accustomed to other people from the beginning. Otherwise, they will prefer to watch from the top of their tree from afar. So apart from taking proper care, it would help new owners keep an eye on their mental stimulation to make them stay good house cats, happy and healthy.