About The Maine Coon Breed

The Maine Coon cat breed originated in New England in the early 19th century but has earlier roots tracing back to Europe. Consequently, our bloodlines predominantly originated in Eastern Europe. They are known for their significant presence in bodies and personalities, having been famous family and farm cats since their breed inception. To this day, the Maine Coon cat is considered the only long-haired cat native to the United States and the oldest cat breed native to the United States.


Physically, they are easily recognizable by their large, muscular bodies, square muzzles, and beautiful bobcat-like ears. Our cats are well known for having exceptionally long tails, even for the breed. Most adult Maine Coons cats will mature to weigh between 12 to 18 pounds on average. EuroCoons' Males will grow more prominent, with some even getting to be more than 25 pounds. We have had some in the past that hit the 33-pound range at under three years old. It is important to note that every kitten is different, and the weight will range. Being such a large breed, the Maine Coon is slower to mature, with most adults not reaching complete growth until about 3 to 5 years old. Their coats are long and require regular grooming. Though long-haired, the Maine Coon's coat doesn't shed excessively as long as you brush them out at least weekly. Our kittens have remarkable coats in textures, colors, and patterns. A high-quality diet of raw food and supplements is critical to maintaining their luxurious coats and overall health. For more information on the feeding regiment at EuroCoons Maine Coons Cattery, visit our Maine Coon Health & Diet page. 


The Maine Coon breed is well known for having a distinctive vocalization. They may not meow like most other cats but instead chirp or trill. This vocalization can sound almost like a purr mixed with a meow. It usually signals that the cat is happy to see their favorite person or getting ready to engage in playful behaviors. Our cats are very expressive and tend to have a lot to say. 


Personality-wise, Maine Coons cats are lovely and known for their laid-back nature. They are attentive and highly affectionate towards their people, making them popular family pets. They tend to behave almost dog-like, being very playful and friendly with humans and other pets. Owners will often find them practicing their hunting skills on toys in the same fashion their ancestors would use while hunting mice aboard shipping vessels all those centuries ago. Today, these big, loving, and glamorous cats are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and at EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery, we couldn't agree more! Of course, some individuals will differ in personality. It is vital that all potential new owners chat with Olga regarding their home environment to find the Maine Coon cat with the demeanor that best matches your family and lifestyle.  


When it comes to playing toys, Maine Coons are not picky! From catnip mice to laser pointers, having a variety of options for your fluffy companion is essential. Though Maine Coon cats are not the most active breed out there, ensuring they get exercise is critical to reducing some health risks. At EuroCoons, we highly recommend getting your new cat at least one cat tree or some other type of perch in addition to toys. They can work their claws and observe from a higher place, which may also save your furniture from scratching, as all EuroCoons cats are prohibited from being declawed.