Our Plans for 2017

Steel and Mona

December 2017

I would like to apologize for anyone waiting for the kittens of Mona and Steel. Mona went into labor much too early. Regretfully, and with a broken heart, I have to report that the entire litter was lost. We have been slow in responding to any inquiries. Please be patient while we work through this tragedy.


updated: 12/2/2017 10:40 AM

October 2017

Steel and Alysia had one male kitten, Falkor, on the 24th of October! Falkor is a black/brown classic tabby and has been reserved!

October 2017


Charles and Masha had their kittens on the 7th of October! All kittens from this litter have been reserved!

Steel & Europa 

August 2017


Europa and Steel had their kittens on the 17th of August! All kittens have been reserved!