What's "in Store" for 2019?

Gaia & Zed

BORN 3/26/2019

Gaia had 4 big and beautiful babies: 2 silver classic tabby boys, 1 brown classic tabby girl, and 1 silver classic tabby girl.

These babies will be available for pick up the weekend of June 8th and 9th.

Gisele & Steel

BORN 4/15/2019

Gisele and Steel had 4 female and 3 male kittens. All male kittens are reserved at the moment. Pictures of available girls are coming soon! There are 2 blue tabby girls, 1 silver tabby and one solid tortie girlie.

Kittens from this litter will leave to their forever homes the weekend of June 28th and 29th.

Vivi & Zed

BORN 4/22/2019

Vivi had one black smoke baby girl.

She will potentially leave for her forever home first weekend of July.


Below are planned matings only and are subject to change!

Dasha & Zed

This mating can produce a wide range of colors and patterns.

Some possibilities are: solid colors - black, blue, red, cream; smoke - black, blue, red, cream; bicolor aka tuxedo (solid color w/white); silver, blue, red, cream, and brown classic or mackerel tabby with or without white.

Kenya & Zed

This mating can produce a wide range of colors and patterns, as well!

Some possibilities are: solids - black and blue, smokes - black and blue, silver and brown classic tabbies.

Kittens may have a minimal amount of white.