Gallery of our past kittens

Below are pictures of some of our Maine Coon kittens all grown up!

EuroCoons Clancy S. Sweeney

Cattery Name: Atos

DOB: 07/08/2016

Red Classic Tabby Male

EuroCoons Tux Bodashka Relph

Cattery Name: Agent aka "Tux"

DOB: 07/08/2016 

Black Smoke & White Male 

EuroCoons McCartney Spoonlove and EuroCoons Lennon

Cattery Names: Anfisa and Abrikos

DOB: 07/08/2016

Smoke Tortoiseshell & White Female and Red Smoke Classic Tabby Male

EuroCoons Anna Arcadia

Cattery Name: Arcadia 

DOB: 07/08/2016

Silver classic tabby and white

EuroCoons Astrid Prairie Flower

Cattery name: Astrid

Brown Classic Female

EuroCoons Taj

Cattery Name: Creed

DOB: 05/27/2017

High Silver Classic Tabby Male

High silver classic tabby male Maine Coon kitten