Exquisite Maine Coon Kittens for Sale - extra large European Bloodlines!

Welcome to EuroCoons, a prestigious European Maine Coon Cattery nestled in the heart of the USA, specifically in the vibrant Kansas City region, bordering both Kansas and Missouri. Our devotion to European Maine Coon Kittens and Maine Coon Cats is the driving force behind our exceptional breeding practices. 


Embark on a journey with us, centered around purebred Maine Coon kittens deeply rooted in their European heritage. Since our establishment in 2015, we've proudly garnered recognition from both TICA and CFA, showcasing our unwavering commitment to responsible breeding.


However, our narrative extends beyond conventional boundaries. We are passionately immersed in the captivating world of exotic short-haired cats, sourced from rare and distant corners of the globe. Our dedication has led us to perfect these hybrids, celebrated for their impressive size, intelligence, and affectionate nature – almost dog-like in their devotion, bringing an additional layer of joy to our cherished EuroCoons families.


Our Maine Coon kittens are truly special, boasting impressive size, tufted ears, striking coats, and expressive eyes that possess an almost magical ability to steal hearts. At EuroCoons, we don't merely breed kittens; we nurture them with love and care. More than just a cattery, EuroCoons is a close-knit family committed to guiding you on your journey to finding the perfect feline companion – whether it's a beloved Maine Coon kitten or one of our enchanting hybrid kittens.


As you navigate our website, immerse yourself in the warmth of our commitment to our kittens and to you – our extended family. We strive to make your experience one filled with beauty, companionship, and endless delight.


Join our family and indulge in the profound love that emanates from sharing life with our beloved Maine Coon kittens and captivating hybrid felines. At EuroCoons, we are dedicated to making your journey a truly heartwarming one.


With love and care,



Olga Winn and the Entire EuroCoons Family and Team

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Maine Coon Kittens for Sale - Pictures of Maine Coon Cats from Euro Coons Maine Coon Breeder Near Me

Our Maine Coon Cats - Gallery of our Gentle Giants





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Maine Coon Cat Kittens for Sale - Maine Coon Breeders in Missouri and Kansas

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