Maine Coon: A Majestic Feline

Q. What's the difference between a Maine Coon cat and EuroCoons?

A.  Just to clear up any confusion, the name "EuroCoons" refers to our cattery's name only, short for European Maine Coons, and our cats being bred in Europe. It is not a special breed of cats. Our EuroCoons have a number of desirable traits, such as a stronger muzzle and chin, as well as tall ears with the Lynx-like tips/brushes. American Maine Coon cats typically lack the sought-after "wild” look, that our clients love so much. Additionally, our EuroCoons have piercing almond-shaped eyes that add to their exotic appearance. 


Q. What's the difference between show and pet?

A. Simply put, "show quality" cats meet every required breed-specific standard, such as build/body shape, color/pattern, profile, temperament, etc., to be considered for competition. These standards can change depending on judge preference at any given time. However, it's important to note that any of our EuroCoons Maine Coon kittens or cats that joins your family will become a pet when you bring him/her home. This is because our cats are sold without breeding rights, and the kitten will be spayed or neutered by us prior to pick up. But you'll still get a show-quality kitten with amazing looks!  

EuroCoons Maine Coon cat eyes
Maine Coon Kittens for sale
Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

Q. What kind of temperament do EuroCoons Maine Coon Kittens have?

A. In one word, WONDERFUL!  We wholeheartedly believe that temperament in large part comes down to how the kittens are treated by the breeder. This begins from the moment they are born until they leave our cattery with their loving new families. Without exception, you can expect our kittens to be full of love and affection and will loyally bond to your family.  Of course, just like people, EuroCoons have unique personalities. Some are a bit cautious of anyone new, while other kittens instantly become everybody’s best friend.  Some may start purring at the possibility of being petted, while others never purr… no matter how much they love the attention. We even have cats that loudly (and proudly) announce to the world their intention to use the litter box, while others do their business with zero fanfare. 


Welcome to EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery
EuroCoons Maine Coon cats orange kitten

Q. How big do Maine Coon cats get. Or how much will my EuroCoons Maine Coon cat ultimately weigh?

A. Visualize a male EuroCoons Maine Coon cat standing on his or her hind legs, literally placing his nose up and over the kitchen countertops to smell the food we’re preparing! That’s right - these cats are that long! We have had male kittens that tip the scale at over 20 pounds at one-year-old, and females at over 17 pounds. Keep in mind that a kitten’s weight doesn’t necessarily predict the final size and weight of an adult EuroCoons Maine Coon cat.  As you might imagine, many factors play a role, including diet, portion control, environment, etc.


Typically, a EuroCoons Maine Coon kitten is not fully-grown until about three-years-old, sometimes up to five or seven. In our opinion, a kitten's weight is not a strong indicator for which will grow to be bigger than another. It's all a guessing game. It's worth noting that a “fixed” cat is significantly larger than one that hasn’t been spayed or neutered.

EuroCoons Maine Coon cats big cat hug

Q. How can I tell which Maine Coon kitten will grow up to be the largest?

A. See above - you pretty much can't or at least can't bet on it! We can make our best guess, but you just never know. Just like people, kittens are born with a certain growth potential.  When raised in an ideal environment, and provided ultimate diet, they are certainly more likely to reach that potential.

EuroCoons Maine Coon cats waiting at the door

Q. How about the EuroCoons' kitten disposition?


A. The disposition of a Maine Coon Cat (European or American) is heavily dependent upon the breeder. Since our kittens receive nonstop love and attention, they learn to crave it and are eager to return the affection. This means our kittens will love to be near you at all times, whether that's laying on your lap while you watch TV, snuggling you in bed, or covering your laptop when you're trying to work. They'll even watch for you out the window and race to greet you at the door when you get home. No two cats are the same, but for the most part ours are big, attention-seeking balls of love!

EuroCoons Maine Coon cats kisses gif

Q. How do EuroCoons maine Coon kittens get along with other cats and dogs?

A. Since we no longer have a dog in our home, our cats and kittens have no exposure to dogs. However, we have heard from clients that they get along extremely well with dogs and other cats, even ferrets, birds and fish! Much of how well the arrangement will work depends on the introduction process and the dispositions of all other pets involved. Our kittens are very playful and friendly with other animals – and never, ever mean any harm. Entertain and cause mischief, yes, but harm? No! 

EuroCoons Maine Coon kitten snuggle with dog

Q.  How do EuroCoons Maine Coon kittens get along with young children?

A. Well, our eight-year-old son is constantly around them, so our babies have become experts on the subject of little boys. As long as you teach your child to treat all animals with love and respect, everything should be fine. We take this subject very seriously and are always happy to discuss it in detail with anybody interested in one of our kittens.  

EuroCoons Maine Coon lap cats

Q. Okay, how about the cost of a EuroCoons kitten?

 A. Our pricing is totally market dependent. For example, since males can be significantly larger than females they sell for proportionally more. Because of the high breeding quality and overall care of our queens and kings, and the tremendous amount of time, love and attention invested in our kittens, our European Maine Coon kittens do sell at the top of the market spectrum. However, prices vary from kitten to kitten. Please contact us if you are interested in a specific kitten. Or refer to our Maine Coon Kitten Price Page

Q. So, What's included in the adoption cost?

A. Of course, when you adopt a kitten from our cattery, you can be 100% certain that you’re getting an exquisite example of the breed.  All of our EuroCoons Maine Coon kittens will:

  • be spayed or neutered (up to $500 in savings)
  • have had at least three rounds of the FVRCP vaccinations plus Rabies
  • have been micro-chipped with a free life time registration!
  • be used to plenty of love and attention.
  • come with one year Genetic health guarantee
  • have all the instructions for daily care
  • have a gift bag with food and treats and toys and blanket with mother's sent on it
  • come with a lifetime Breeder support  

If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, it would be my pleasure to answer them! Just text 913-563-0043. 


Q. Do you sell any Maine Coon kittens for show or with breeding rights?

A. At this time, we do not sell kittens with show or breeding rights. As mentioned earlier, whether the kitten is “show” or “pet” quality is NOT an indication of the high standards and quality of the kitten - it is merely a business decision we made when we started the cattery. We also do not provide stud services, since our kittens live in an extremely safe, protected and “closed” environment.

Q. Can we come and visit the cattery, check out the parents and pick out our kitten(s)?

A. Unfortunately, we do NOT allow cattery visits due to potential health concerns and inherent stressors that could adversely impact our babies and pregnant queens. Sorry, no exceptions. Does that make us overprotective parents? Guilty as charged! 

Q. When can I reserve my Maine Coon kitten?

A. Generally, we make our kittens available for reservation around 10-12 weeks of age. In some cases, it may be earlier or later, but we always announce the approximate date when reservations become available on our site – so keep checking back!


Note: Some (or all) kittens may be held by EC longer for potential future breeding purposes. In those cases, individuals or full litters will be available at a later date. Again, please check back  for reservation date announcements. 

Q. How do I apply for a kitten?

A. We do ask that an application is completed and approved prior to accepting a deposit. You can download and fill out our Maine Coon Kitten and Cat Adoption Application - CLICK HERE.


Simply email us at if you are interested in applying, and we’ll be in touch.


Please note, that once you have decided proceed with adoption and fill out an application it is in your best interest to fill it out and return it to us ASAP. There are other people just like you that may be interested in the same kitten at the same time that may beat you to the punch.


Please just keep in mind we are unable to hold the kitten without a deposit, especially if we do not have an approved application on file.


Thank you for understanding!

Q. What is the required deposit?

A.  We require a non-refundable 50% deposit ($2000 minimum depending on the kitten's full adoption cost) on our kittens. The deposit is non-refundable only unless the cattery cancels the sale of the kitten for some unforeseen circumstances.


Due to the high demand for our kittens, deposits are accepted via PayPal or Zelle only, since it allows for a faster transfers and real-time reservations. Transfer fees charged by PayPal are paid by the buyer and must be included in the total transfer amount. The deposit amount minus the transaction fees (if any) is credited towards the total cost of the kitten. Balance is due in cash only at the time of pickup.

Q. Can I change my mind and get a kitten from a different litter?

A. Deposit made on a particular kitten is not exchangeable. This policy was adopted as the result of well-intended folks wavering and basically holding up multiple kittens while they made a decision. Obviously, this is not fair to our other families seeking to proceed with adoption of our Maine Coon kittens as soon as possible.

Q. When will my kitten be ready to come home?

a. Normally, our babies go to their forever homes after 12 weeks of age.

Q. Can I choose the day I pick up my kitten… or delay it until the next weekend?

A.  While we try to be flexible and accommodating, “a few days later” or the “next weekend” exceeds the planned “pick up” schedule and could negatively affect your new little family member. For example, kittens can suffer from separation anxiety and other stressors as their brothers and sisters leave the litter; so strict adherence to pick up schedules is a must. Finally, if the agreed upon pick up date is delayed or cancelled by the buyer, the deposit is forfeited and the kitten will become available to another family. 

Q. Where do we pick up our kitten?

A. Our home/cattery. The address will be provided to you prior to pickup.

Q. What forms of payment or financing do you accept?

A. We do not offer payment terms or financing. Deposits must be made via PayPal. Balance in cash only is due in full upon pick up. 

Q. What do I need to bring to pick up my kitten?

A. Only a carrier is needed. We provide a special Care Package with food and other items that will last our kitten for a few days and up to a week. 

Q. Do you ship your kittens?

A. We DO NOT ship our Maine Coon kittens or cats; our clients pick up the kitten at our home. We’re grateful that so many clients appreciate what we’re doing at our cattery that they drive or fly from all over the U.S. for our kittens.