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pale silver torbie classic tabby female maine coon cat

Best, Highly Reviewed, Registered, Recommended by TICA and CFA. Reputable, Experienced, Continually Educated on the Latest Breeding Practices European Maine Coon Breeder Since 2015!

 EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery is a high-end, reputable European Maine Coon breeder located in Kansas, USA. Just 40 minutes from KCI Airport.

From the birth of each kitten, we focus on raising healthy, wild-looking, huge bloodlines with complete devotion and full-time dedication and support in a closed cattery environment.

Yes, that means no touring our home cattery.

All lines are 100% European, brought by white glove delivery service only, from Premiere Maine Coon Catteries of Europe.

You are welcome to view our breeder Maine Coon Cats as well as our available Maine Coons Kittens for Sale.


pale silver torbie classic tabby female maine coon cat

Happy, Healthy, XL Maine Coon Cats and Kittens.

New Bloodlines Introduced - For the Healthier Perfect Maine Coon Kitten and Family Member for You!

Genetically Tested and Vetted 100%

Our focus is on creating healthy, loving Maine Coon kittens from head to toe. Even though our European breeding Maine Coon cats come from top-of-the-line, vetted European Catteries from all over Eastern and Western Europe, our cats are retested for over 40 genetic disorders here in the USA and are negative for all. We pay special attention to the health of our breeding cats, their body composition, and breed standard per CFA and TICA guidelines. All that while keeping up with the latest European looks and advancements in breed type, unique colors, XL size, providing exceptional 24/7 home care, and a holistic diet for our fur babies. All Maine Coon kittens and cats are raised in our home with separate nursery rooms for our pregnant moms and their babies that are set up just like your home. As an experienced European Maine Coon cat breeder we make sure that plenty of space is allowed for each cat and kitten and provide hospital-like cleaning services each day with weekly checkups of our highly experienced mobile vet. 

All veterinary services for our Maine Coon kittens and cats are provided on-site at our home, even spaying and neutering procedures. We do not spare any expense for our cats and kittens, from state-of-the-art veterinary care and, when necessary, expensive ER visits to the highest quality raw and holistic canned food diet ONLY! NO KIBBLE ALLOWED!

pale silver torbie classic tabby female maine coon cat

A Forever Loyal Friend and Devoted Family Member. A New Precious Life and a Fur Child Hand Raised by us 24/7 - That's What You Can Expect from Our Premier Maine Coon Cattery and Loving Home

If you're looking for just ANY Maine Coon Kitten at the lowest price possible, and I am sorry, to put it bluntly - we are not the right Cattery for You!

Our kittens are our children and treated as such, so we expect them to be treated the same at your home. We don't mass sell kittens for a quick buck and speedy turnaround. Our kittens, even though each with their personality, just like people, are extremely well socialized, attached to their family, immensely loving and affectionate. All of our Maine Coon kittens leave fully vaccinated, neutered, or spayed and ready for their forever homes. Our kittens are excellent with children, do fabulously well with other animals, and are simply a joy to have in your life and watch them grow into unique and beautiful adult Maine Coons. Yes, our little Snugglers are an investment, but certainly, worth every penny and are second to none. We treat each kitten adoption as you would adopt a child and regard our research of their new family very seriously. As their first pet parents, their future well-being is essential to us. We care very much about where they will live for the rest of their life and how they will be treated ❤️

-Olga Winn


European Maine Coon Cat Breeder since 2015

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Pedigreed, CFA&TICA Registered!