Our European Maine Coon Kings

We are delighted to present our exclusive collection of European Maine Coon male cats, which are the epitome of feline magnificence. These exceptional cats embody a rare combination of wild, European features, imposing size, and commanding stature. Each of our exceptional males exudes a captivating allure, with striking physical attributes that evoke the breed's storied origins. Our Maine Coon boys not only possess remarkable physical beauty, but also charming, affectionate personalities that make them treasured companions to all who have the privilege of their company.


At our cattery, we pride ourselves on providing the most discerning clients with only the finest feline specimens, and our European Maine Coon males are no exception.


We understand that selecting a cat to add to your family is a significant decision, and we take great care to ensure that our Maine Coon males are exceptional in every way.  Our breeding program prioritizes the health and well-being of our cats, and we are proud to produce males that embody the best qualities of the breed.


Each of our males is raised with the utmost care and attention to ensure that he is not only physically magnificent but also emotionally and socially well-adjusted. With their regal appearance and delightful personalities, our Maine Coon males are sure to bring joy and beauty to any home.

Tank of EuroCoons


Introducing Super Panzer Von Paluet, our extraordinary and active Maine Coon breeding male. This remarkable cat is a Swiss import and boasts a full high smoke/genetically shaded coat, lending him an air of mystery and intrigue.


Super Panzer's current weight is an impressive 23lbs, attesting to his robust and healthy stature. Born on 04/24/2018, this magnificent feline has been genetically tested with complete results of N/N, ensuring he is free of any genetic anomalies.


With his impressive lineage and exceptional attributes, Super Panzer is the epitome of Maine Coon breeding excellence.

full pale smoke shaded maine coon
Full Pale Smoke Shaded European Maine Coon

LeGrand of EuroCoons


Meet LeGrand of EuroCoons, our captivating and active Maine Coon breeding male. Hailing from Russia, this exceptional cat boasts a striking blue smoke with white coat that is sure to turn heads. LeGrand's piercing blue eyes are a mesmerizing complement to his unique coloring, making him a true standout in the Maine Coon world. Born on 03/16/2020, this young male is a testament to the breed's enduring legacy and holds great promise for his future as a top-quality breeding stud. 


Genetic testing has been completed with all results returning N/N, ensuring that LeGrand is free of any genetic anomalies. With his unparalleled beauty, remarkable pedigree, and sound genetic health, LeGrand embodies everything that makes Maine Coons such extraordinary creatures. 


As an active breeding male, LeGrand is a valuable asset to our cattery, contributing his remarkable attributes to the next generation of exceptional Maine Coons. 

blue eyed maine coon
Blue Smoke with White European Maine Coon

Zar of EuroCoons


We are thrilled to introduce Zar of EuroCoons, a Maine Coon breeding male with boundless potential. Boasting a mesmerizing, ticked silver tabby coat adorned with the coveted gold gene, Zar radiates elegance and sophistication from every angle.


With his impressive pedigree and exceptional physical features, Zar is a top contender in the world of feline breeding, poised to produce offspring of equally stunning quality. And with his pristine genetic health, confirmed by comprehensive testing returning N/N for all results, you can trust that Zar's offspring will inherit his exceptional traits and thrive as healthy and beautiful Maine Coons.


Zar truly embodies the very best of the breed, making him an invaluable addition to our breeding program.

silver ticke tabby euro maine coon
Silver Ticked Tabby European Maine Coon