Gallery of our past kittens

Our Maine Coon Kittens - Our Graduates - Our Pride

We are incredibly proud of our Maine Coon Kittens that we have hand-raised since tiny newborns into amazing huge European Maine Coon Cats!

Every kitten shown below was born at EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery.


Please note it is illegal to copy, distribute, repost and borrow pictures of our kittens and cats without our explicit permission and/or mention of our cattery's name and a link to this site!

Below are pictures of some of our Maine Coon kittens all grown up!

EuroCoons Clancy S. Sweeney

Cattery Name: Atos

DOB: 07/08/2016

Red Classic Tabby Male

EuroCoons Tux Bodashka Relph

Cattery Name: Agent aka "Tux"

DOB: 07/08/2016 

Black Smoke & White Male 

EuroCoons McCartney Spoonlove and EuroCoons Lennon

Cattery Names: Anfisa and Abrikos

DOB: 07/08/2016

Smoke Tortoiseshell & White Female and Red Smoke Classic Tabby Male

EuroCoons Anna Arcadia

Cattery Name: Arcadia 

DOB: 07/08/2016

Silver classic tabby and white

EuroCoons Astrid Prairie Flower

Cattery name: Astrid

Brown Classic Female

EuroCoons Taj

Cattery Name: Creed

DOB: 05/27/2017

High Silver Classic Tabby Male

High silver classic tabby male Maine Coon kitten