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Environment · 08. February 2023
How Much Space do You Need For a Maine Coon Kitten?
Are you considering a Maine Coon kitten as a new family member? Then you may wonder if your home can accommodate a giant Maine Coon kitten and cat when they reach full maturity. Giving some thought to how much space these extra-large kittens need is a critical question you should ask yourself before deciding to bring a Maine Coon kitten into your life. Maine Coons cats are more prominent than regular house cats and have special space requirements that potential owners should bear in mind.
29. January 2023
What to expect from a Maine Coon kitten?!
Are you planning to get a Maine Coon Kitten but are still pondering what to expect from these majestic felines. Maine Coon kittens are generally gentle, amusing, and goofy. However, if you are still wondering how they differ from other cat breeds, this blog article is for you. So what can you expect from a Maine Coon kitten?