Can Maine Coon Cats Go Outside?

Maine Coon kittens and cats are a much-loved cat breed across the globe. However, many people debate whether these imperial cats belong inside the house or should be allowed outdoors!


This has been an exceedingly emotional subject for many years. With many divided beliefs on the viewpoint. We have decided to break it down and present simplified facts so you can decide for yourself easily. 


Maine Coons, Ah! Tale says that these majestic felines used to be wild outdoor cats. However, they have been domesticated over the years and now reside with humans. Generally, you will never have difficulty domesticating a Maine Coon kitten and adjusting them to your family. As long as your Maine Coon kitten comes from a reputable breeder, the work is done for you by the time you receive your precious cargo.


Whether your Maine Coon kitten should be allowed outside your residence rests on many factors, like agreements with the breeder, your locality, predator attacks, safe movement of the felines, and your personal viewpoint.


In this article, we will discuss all aspects of the debate and assist you in deciding for yourself whether your Maine Coon cat should live indoors or explore the outdoors.


What kind of cat is a Maine Coon? Are they indoor cats or outdoor cats?


The Maine Coon breed is recognized for being the most giant domesticated breed in the world, weighing up to a stunning 25 pounds! However, these adorable and family-friendly felines were only occasionally domesticated in the past.


They are thought to have originated in the wilderness of Maine, the United States.


And yes, unlike any other cat breed, the Maine Coon cats can be accustomed to bitterly cold weather due to their upbringing in the wilderness of Maine. They are also quite skillful in climbing trees and hunting prey. 


The harsh weather of Maine has helped them evolve in developing a water-repellent thick furry coat that can keep them warm during the most brutal of winters.


Considering their wild origins, it's pretty easy to understand the vast debate on whether Maine Coons cats should be kept indoors or outdoors.


However, let's also consider their history of living with humans and in the safety of warm homes. Rightfully so, many people believe that these majestic felines should be kept indoors rather than being advocated to roam outside. 


Here is Our Take on Maine Coons Kittens and Cats and Where They Should Reside:


While some believe there is no straightforward right or wrong side to this debate since both sides are logical and legit in their own right. And ultimately, both owners' viewpoints have a place in this excellent cat debate! At EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery, we firmly believe and require by contract that our precious Maine Coon Kittens and Cats are kept strictly indoors. 


Ultimately, the past is history, and we are in the 21st century now. And there are quite a few threat zones for any cat outside your home. Anything and everything, from moving vehicles, wild predators, poisonous plants, and insects, not to mention other people who would love to own your majestic feline at no cost. Keep your Maine Coon or even rescue cat inside and avoid many problems and, most notably, heartache!