What's the difference between Maine Coon and EuroCoons?

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"EuroCoons" Maine Coon! So is this a Maine Coon or EuroCoons?

We often get asked this question, but it's difficult to give a simple answer. So this short article explains the difference between Maine Coons and EuroCoons.

To clarify confusion, "EuroCoons" refers to our cattery's name only, short for European Maine Coons. Eight years ago, when we started our cattery, we were fascinated with European Maine Coons, so, naturally, when we thought of the name for our cattery, the name "EuroCoons" came up instantly. After that, we noticed that people started talking about EuroCoons cats on different platforms and in various groups as it's a different cat breed. So, at that time, as mentioned above, the name "EuroCoons" was indicative of our cattery's nature exclusively, short for European Maine Coons, and our cats being bred in Europe. It is not a special breed of cats.


The Maine Coon Look

Our EuroCoons have many desirable traits, such as a stronger muzzle and chin and tall ears with the Lynx-like tips/brushes. American Maine Coon cats typically lack the sought-after "wild" look that our clients adore. Additionally, our EuroCoons have piercing almond-shaped eyes that add to their exotic appearance. 


Maine Coon Size

The two breeds have significant differences in size, temperament, and appearance. EuroCoons, at least ours,  are more powerful than their American counterparts, have stockier bodies, and are more muscular. Our Main Coon Cats have wider faces, longer muzzles, and more prominent ears with longer brushes. And of course, our well-known EuroCoons tail for days.


Maine Coon Coat

The coat of the Maine Coon may sometimes seem longer as a kitten than the EuroCoons coat. Our Maine Coon coats are silky and soft and, in the beginning, not as puffy. The coat of an American Maine Coon is 'tighter' in texture than the EuroCoons' coat.


Maine Coon Personality

Both kinds are intelligent and make good pets for active people who want a cat that can be a companion for outdoor activities. A Maine Coon is also great around children. Their affectionate and loving nature makes them excellent companions and ideal family pets. We breed our EuroCoons for extra loving, social and intelligent Maine Coon personalities.


In Closing

The Maine Coon is one of the most recognized cat breeds in the United States. For decades, the American Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) has ranked American Maine Coon as the third most popular cat breed. However, it's not the only type of coon cat that people are interested in. In fact, as we found out, there are different types of coon cats, and some even argue that the term 'coon' is used loosely. So, now we know the difference between a Maine Coon and EuroCoons.


Olga Winn

Founder and Breeder 

EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery