How Much Space do You Need For a Maine Coon Kitten?

Are you considering a Maine Coon kitten as a new family member? Then you may wonder if your home can accommodate this giant Maine Coon kitten and cat when they reach full maturity. 


Giving some thought to how much space these extra-large kittens will need is a critical question you should ask yourself before deciding to bring a Maine Coon kitten into your life. 


Since, Maine Coons cats are more prominent than regular house cats they have special space requirements that potential owners should keep in mind. 


The Male Maine Coons are usually bigger and stronger than the female species. However, although rare, you can find a substantial female Maine Coon cat as well.


It's a well-established fact that Maine Coon cats demand space to wander and explore their territory. They also require a secure personal space to retreat without having any disturbance.


They can live and be content in a medium to large-size bungalow or apartment, provided they get adequate attention, exercise, and a great outside view.


These giant cats need special attention and want their owners to play with them quite often.


To ensure you have the space requirements for a Maine Coon kitten, continue reading this article.


Maine Coon Size

Maine Coons are majestic and loving big cats. They are keen to love and seek much attention from their family. As we already know, the Maine Coon kittens are more significant in size than most domesticated cat breeds across the globe. Their height generally ranges from 10-16 inches and will grow in length to 19-40 inches long. Some even more!


A full-grown Maine Coon cat could reach between twenty and thirty-five pounds in weight alone. The size of both the male and female species can be almost identical. EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery's kittens are known to grow unusually long and heavy with proper diet, following our guidance on the feeding schedule and supplements.


Since these cats are indeed gentle giants, ideally, they need a larger space to reside and grow, primarily if they are not engaged in frequent games and exercise. 



Over the years of professional breeding, these cats have become quite strong and agile and are incredibly fun-loving and playful. 


These majestic felines also love to stretch their athletic, long legs by traveling their owner's home. So your home is considered a personal territory by your Maine Coon cat.


They also keep an eye on the nearby cat trees and tall furniture. And love to jump from one tree to another. That is why you need plenty of room for a few extra large and sturdy cat trees, as our Maine Coon cats are very well known to throw the trees to the side while completing their massive jumps.


Space Requirements

Considering all the above factors, let us finalize how much space a Maine Coon kitten would need if you are planning to get one.


Truthfully, there is no exact home size requirement for a Maine Coon cat. However, an average or small-size apartment won't be abundant for these big cats. Confining a Maine Coon cat within a small apartment or space would make them quite uncomfortable and unhappy, triggering depression and potential behavior issues.


So, suppose you live in a small apartment and are eager to own a Maine Coon kitten. In that case, you should be willing to take it out for regular walks on a harness and leash and play in the garden or park regularly. The alternative will be moving into a bigger house.