The EuroCoons Difference

The EuroCoons Difference

If you read our story about how the EuroCoons Maine Coon cattery began, then you know that everything we do comes from a place of love.


We brought our first Maine Coon cat, Europa, because we loved the look and personality of these big, wild-looking animals. Two more (Charles and Alysia) from Ukraine soon joined the family because we were so smitten with our Queen. We became cat grandparents because our Prince Charles loved Europa so much and couldn’t wait to have kittens.


We then started EuroCoons Maine Coon cattery because we loved nurturing our kittens and placing them in the best homes.


So what sets our kittens apart from other Maine Coon cats? Spoiler alert: It’s love.


YES, I do realize how corny that sounds but YES, I do truly believe that the love and affection we give our kittens before they leave the cattery makes a huge difference in what amazing cats they grow up to be. 


Here are five reasons why:


1. We Treat Our Kittens Not As Pets, But As Our Children


Our world quite literally revolves around our babies. We carefully watch over every single kitten and know when they ate, pooped, slept, played, etc. We don’t miss a moment in our kittens’ development from the moment they are born to the moment they leave the cattery.


2. Because Of Our Devoted Love & Care, Our Cats Have People-like Personalities


Our clients rave about the larger-than-life personalities our Maine Coon cats have to match their big bodies. They are highly-intelligent, loving, affectionate animals, and each one has a unique personality just like we humans do. Every one of our cats is goofy, friendly, and wants nothing more than to be a devoted member of your family. 


3. Our Kittens Eat Home-cooked Meals


Yes, seriously. We prepare completely balanced raw and home-cooked meals for our cats, including the best lean cuts of meat and Salmon. This helps them grow into the big, beautiful cats they become with the healthiest, most vibrant coats.


4. Our Kittens Are Given Expert Care


Not only by us at home, but our kittens are also seen by the veterinarian at least three times before they leave us to join their new families. And yes, we mean seen by the veterinarian, because the vet comes to check on them here in our home! Our kittens are given routine checkups as well as extensive (and expensive) genetic testing to ensure we don’t miss a thing and have healthy kittens.


5. We Don’t Overbreed Our Cats

Here are a few things we are not: We aren’t a kitten factory. We aren’t resellers — we do not try to purchase kittens from backyard breeders in Europe then flip them here for an extra buck. We don’t breed our kittens until it’s time.  

All of our cats are bred on schedule. Our cats come from the very best European bloodlines with the ideal looks, colors, and patterns.




We started this cattery out of love and passion for these majestic animals and that really is what sets us apart. We take great pride in the time and care we put into our kittens and we know every kitten that leaves our home knows what it’s like to be treated like family and will crave that same affection from you and yours. That’s the EuroCoons Maine Coons cattery difference.


If you’re interested in learning more about our cattery or inquiring about one of our kittens, please send us an email to or fill out our contact sheet.